Before booking, I will meet with you to and discuss any medical, psychological or physical conditions that could affect your safety on a medicine journey. I may refuse to work with you unless/until certain conditions are met. For questions regarding drug interactions, please consult the ICEERS Drug Interaction Information Service. 


Dangerous emergencies are extremely unlikely, but I prefer to be prepared just in case. I have twice been certified as a Wilderness First Responder, which qualifies me to handle common medical and psychological emergencies calmly and effectively with the resources at hand. There is also a hospital about half a mile from my house if needed.

Journey Agreements

During your journey, there are a few important rules to ensure our mutual safety:

Legal Concerns

Nothing we do is risk-free. Especially the things that help us grow and take ownership of our personal power and well-being. However, we can reduce risk most effectively by working in integrity. I strive to be as honest with myself and with others as possible, working toward peace and understanding in all situations.

Enforcement of drug law with respect to entheogenic medicines is among the government’s lowest priorities right now, because it is becoming widely understood that these medicines are highly beneficial to us, raising global awareness and creating peace. These medicines are among the safest I know of, having an extremely low incidence of harmful side effects.

Any legal risk in doing this work would fall mostly upon me. As my client, your risk is negligible. However, to protect us, I have taken the steps to become a member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners (AEP), a vocational association serving as an protective umbrella for its member practitioners, such as myself. Provided that practitioners adhere to its strict ethical guidelines, AEP helps us ensure that our work is regarded legally as a religious practice protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and pledges to provides legal defense on behalf of its members in the event it is needed.

Substance Sourcing

All substances used are sourced from the most trusted producers and all MDMA is tested using anonymous substance testing services using a mass spectrometer to identify exact purity.