Entheo Community Weekly Group Council

Wednesday Mornings @ 10:30am-noon ET

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(Co-hosted with the PsyAtlanta meetup. Check it out if you are in Atlanta!)

Meeting Description

Hi, I'm Moshe Jacobson, EntheoCoach founder and wellness coach. I invite you to enjoy this safe and supportive space where those of all experience levels can ask questions, reflect on experiences, and connect with others around the topic of entheogenic healing practices.

We'll close the doors at 10:35, and then begin with a short guided meditation. Then each person will be given a turn to share or ask questions. The rest of us will listen attentively, offering input to the speaker only if & when asked.

This meeting will take place on Zoom. Please use headphones and go somewhere private where you won't be disturbed. Also, please bring a notebook, as you may wish to take notes. Lastly, this is not a webinar or spectator event so please plan to be fully present with us during the meeting.

Rules of Conduct

By attending this meeting, you agree: