Microdosing is a great practice to help you prepare for, or integrate from, a full-dose medicine journey, or it can be done independently!

A microdose is a very small (~1/10 size) dose of LSD or mushrooms, taken up to 3-4 times a week as a way to encourage greater presence in your body and focus on your intentions throughout the day. It can increase awareness, creativity, and ability to feel feelings more deeply. It is intended to be a "barely perceptible" dose, meaning that once you have determined the right dosage, you will be able to perform your everyday tasks without difficulty.

What's Included

To remain faithful to my ethical commitment to include support alongside all medicine, the pricing for these microdosing packages includes an initial consult to ensure safe and effective use, and an additional hour for a one-month follow-up consult.

Medicine options

All options below cost the same, but some options provide more microdoses than others. 15 microdoses last for one month if taken as recommended every other day. 90 microdoses will last half a year. 

Powdered Mushrooms

LSD Blotter

Mushrooms + LSD Combo

Kaleidoscope™️ Mushroom Fruit Chews

LSD Nasal Spray

Muse™️ Flow™️ Capsules