Medicine Journey

Table of Contents

Three Part Experience

All medicine journey sesssions include preparation coaching first, medicine journey (see next header) second, and end integration coaching third. This format helps to ensure your time with me is both safe and effective.

Medicine Journey Basics

The medicine journey alters your consciousnes by lowering your ego and increasing your brain's ability to identify and understand the  patterns, memories, and traumas that have been shaping your life. You may notice, remember, and feel comfortable talking about some things for the first time ever. Increased neuroplasticity will also help you build new healthier patterns more easily. During the experience you may feel extreme emotional experiences and releases, both mental and physical. I am involved only enough to help you feel comfortable going where you need to go. I am just here to support you as needed.

This process tends to be very helpful for healing all sorts of traumas that contribute to anxiety, depression, addictive behavior, fear, feelings of disconnection, and even physical disease. It also usually helps people feel a deeper sense of connection with themselves as well as the other people in their lives.

I will take notes of anything significant that comes up, for later review. You will also have the option of creating an audio recording of your session

Long vs. Short Journey Session

Long Journey Session

A long journey session is typically with MDMA or Psilocybin (Cannabis or LSD in rare cases). Long sessions are all held on Tuesdays and Thursdays staring at 8am. They can be done as a Retreat Session, Day Session, or Remote Session (see next heading). Preparation, journey, and integration are all on separate days.

Short Journey Session

A short journey session is with DMT. Preparation, Journey, and Integration all occur within one 90-minute session. All short sessions are held in person on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Session Formats

All of these sessions include a long journey (see previous heading)

Retreat Session

In a retreat session you will stay with us for two nights in our guest apartment, a private Airbnb space complete with kitchen & laundry. We'll have your preparation meeting when you arrive on Monday or Wednesday late afternoon or evening. The journey will start at 8am the next morning (Tue/Thu) and last until early afternoon. The rest of the afternoon & evening is alone time for integration, which may look like rest, journaling, physical movement, or time outdoors. Our integration meeting will be in person first thing the next morning (Wed/Fri). I recommend the retreat session for out of towners as well as anyone who can swing the extra time away from home slightly higher cost. It gives you the most time & space away from your patterns, which allows for the most effective processing of your journey.

Day Session

In a day session you will be with me in person only for the journey itself, arriving at 8am on a Tuesday or Thursday and departing after the medicine journey has ended and you've had time alone ground, eat, etc. Preparation and integration meetings are held over video. The day session has the advantage of being slightly less expensive as well as more flexible for those with tight schedules and a household to take care of.

Video Journey Session

A video journey session is the same as a day session except the journey is held over Zoom and the medicine is mailed to you. This has the advantage of being more accessible to people unable to be in person for any reason. However in a video session I am unable to be there for you in the same way remotely as I can locally, so I generally do not recommend this format if you have the ability to be here with me in person.

Self-Guided Journey

The self-guided session is for existing clients who have worked with me before, who I know will have a safe medicine journey without my assistance. Medicine is provided in person or by mail, and phone-based support is available.

Individual vs Couples Session

Individual Session

An individual session is for people looking to work with me one-on-one and is available with any of the medicines I offer. You can talk to me or go inward. You can talk, shout, cry, laugh, move your body, or whatever you need to do. I will be by your side to help you through any challenges that come up. I will give you the space to connect with your own internal healing intelligence and allow that  to guide your journey. 

Couples Session

A couples session is for two people who wish to deepen their relationship. Based around the use of empathogen (MDMA), the couples session allows for a shared experience rather than two independent experiences. It facilitates deep connection and communication, to achieve true understanding, compassion and deep love for self and other. Each person's traumas are laid out to be processed by both members of the couple in a supportive, loving and cooperative way. A couples session is a great gift to give to a loved one, and has often been said to be more effective than a year of couples counselling! 

Medicine Options

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a classical psychedelic medicine whose altered state typically lasts 5-6 hours. They tend to take people into "outer space", often to a place where one is not particularly aware of having a body, name, or other characteristics of the ego. Clarity may come in the form of an apparent inner voice, contact with entities, visual hallucinations, or through the intuitive sense. Psilocybin is known for its positive effects on depression, anxiety, addictive behavior, impulsivity, lack of motivation, physical inflammation in the body, and more.


MDMA is a chemical substance that is serotonergic like classical psychedelics, but is also in the class of amphetamines. The experience also typically lasts 5-6 hours but is more grounded than a classical psychedelic, meaning more connected to shared reality. You are still very aware of your identity and ego, but they no longer define you, and you are suddenly able to identify and own the truths you have been hiding for so long. MDMA opens your heart and allows you to watch and understand your life story with so much compassion for yourself and everyone else involved, that traumas are instantly dissolved in a flood of understanding. Very effective for couples as well as individuals. 


DMT is the classically-psychedelic active ingredient in the well-known entheogenic brew known as Ayahuasca. However, here the DMT is inhaled as a vapor, and the experience lasts only 10-15 minutes instead of 5-7 hours. It has been called "the businessman's lunch" psychedelic. Experiences tend to be highly visual and are just long enough to deliver one overarching take-away message. 


LSD is a very powerful entheogen that tends to deliver a "brighter" experience than mushrooms. The experience tends to be a little more gentle than mushrooms but also much longer, with a typical journey lasting 10+ hours. For this reason, LSD journeys are available only to clients I have worked with on several occasions who I know would be OK on their own toward the later hours. 


Large doses of cannabis produce extremely psychedelic and out-of-body and ego death experiences that can give you a novel and often creative perspective on your life, along with ideas for how to make it better. Possession is also decriminalized in the city of Atlanta below 1 oz. For those already familiar with cannabis, it can be a great way to accelerate your journey or help you ground at the end.


This native Brazilian tradition, pronounced "HOP-pay", involves nasal insufflation of a powdered mixture of mapacho (ceremonial tobacco) and ashes from other important plant medicines. Different admixtures have different specific healing properties, but the primary purpose of rapé is as for grounding and moving stuck energy. It is useful for headache, allergies, muscular tension, emotional distress of any sort, as well as feelings of being scattered or ungrounded. It is often used before or or after the previous medicines. The effects are noticeable for anywhere up to 15 minutes.  To learn more about Rapé, check out this great guide: The Modern Shamanic Guide to Rapé