Fundamental Beliefs

When we are born, we are in complete union with the Divine[1]. There are no barriers between us and the infinite, between us and every other being on earth. We do not know fear or separation, and we are completely present in every moment. 

As we mature and become able to decide and act, we are taught what is acceptable and unacceptable. The unacceptable aspects of ourselves become shunned, and we disconnect from them. This process of fracturing ourselves is called trauma. We are all traumatized to some degree, and our traumas prevent us from feeling unity with ourselves and the world. Untreated trauma can eventually result in mental and physical disease.

To reverse our traumas we need periodic reminders of what it is to be in communion with the Divine: to experience a direct knowing of something that transcends (includes yet extends beyond) the material world in which we spend most of our time. The experience of the Divine shows us what it is to be free of fear and separation; to be in deep gratitude and love with all that is; to see ourselves in everything and everyone, and to learn how to love and care for those parts of ourselves -- both physical and psychospiritual -- from which we have dis-identified for so long. This process is the opposite of trauma and is called healing -- "making whole."

Until recently organized religions have facilitated this Divine communion using centuries-old sacred ritual and myth. In modern times, however, these traditions have failed to remain relevant and meaningful in our increasingly complex and quickly-changing world. As a result, we are currently left wanting for the mystical experience in which we can simply let go of our ego and bask in childlike wonder at the marvels of existence itself -- connect with ourselves so deeply that we discover the infinite; for it is in these transcendent states that we receive the deep understanding and clarity that allows us to realize our life's purpose and potential; to discover and embody our truth; and come into integrity with ourselves. 

Though there are many tools & modalities that can bring us into these transcendent states, my experience has shown entheogens[2] to be the most direct and reliable route for even a first time user to have a deeply healing experience. The only requirement is genuine curiosity and desire for self-improvement. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the use of all types of entheogens has soared in popularity over the last few decades, filling the gap left by organized religion. In fact, I see the entheogenic journey[3] as modern day's most powerful practice for individual and collective expansion of awareness, peace, and understanding.

Respectful and intentional use of entheogenic medicines, in combination with dance, wilderness immersion, talk healing and other modalities, has helped me to find my truest self; to develop a deep connection with, and understanding of, the natural world; and to become a more fully embodied, integrated human being. It has transformed me so deeply that it has naturally become the focus of my life's work. In essence, facilitating healing for myself and others using these modalities has become my religious practice.

I've found that helping others heal through this work is a natural calling for me, not only because of how it has helped me personally, but because I happen to be very well-suited to it. The experiences I have had with entheogens, nature, dance, and life in general have helped me learn to be more empowering, knowledgeable, grounded, patient, resourceful, insightful, embodied, and open-minded toward myself and my others; Consequently I believe it is my Divine duty to be here as a guide, accompanying others through their own personal healing with entheogenic medicines, nature immersion, dance, and a variety of other tools and modalities.

Through this work I aim to inspire people to heal themselves and achieve greater resilience, embodiment, purpose, connectedness, and clarity in their lives, as well as deepen their connection to the Divine. I have witnessed a great number of people healing depression, addiction, anxiety, emotional instability, relationship issues, existential doubt & fear, and even inflammation in the body, by rekindling their own inner healing intelligence through this process. The result is that they are more often able to make decisions out of love, abundance, trust, and connection, rather than out of fear, scarcity, suspicion and separation. They consistently report feeling healthier, and the insight they gain allows them to identify and correct unhelpful patterns as well as build new ones that support their well-being. They are also better able to remain calm and centered in the face of conflict; creating understanding and harmony that ripples outward to the lives of everyone around them, resulting in a greater positive impact than they might have ever imagined possible.

[1] I have chosen the word Divine, which means Light, Source Energy, Universe, Infinite Consciousness, Great Spirit, or God.

[2] inner (en) god (theo) revealing (gen), referring to psychedelic medicines used ceremonially for this purpose.

[3] referring to the ceremonial altered experience followed by integration, i.e. modification of one's life patterns based on the lessons learned in the altered state.

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