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To speak with me about guided entheogenic journeys or nature immersion healing for individuals and couples, I ask that you complete the following steps, in order:

  1. Fill out the EntheoCoach Intake Form.

  2. Visit the EntheoCoach Group and click "Ask to join".

    • If prompted, sign in to Google and click "Ask to join" again.

    • This is a request to receive my communications and gain access to my πŸ— Members Portal (or use link at top right)

  3. RSVP to an upcoming Psychedelic Learn & Share Meeting.

  4. Message me using the Signal app at 770-366-2923. Please do not use text messages.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Moshe Jacobson
EntheoCoach Founder & Wellness Coach
Atlanta, Georgia, USA