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En + theo = the Divine within;
Coach = a guide to help you find it.


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About Us

Moshe Jacobson

Wellness & Integration Coach, founder of PsyAtlanta, founding member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners, and founder of EntheoCoach

Moshe is a psychedelic coach and medicine journey facilitator specializing in personal empowerment, communication skills, boundary setting, creative problem solving, and conscious relating. He routinely helps people with a history of abuse and trauma of all sorts. Moshe handles all requests for microdosing and couples journeys.

Marisa Skolky

Founder of Beyond Limits Expressive Arts Therapy, LLC and member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners.

Marisa is an intuitive healer, medicine journey facilitator and certified hypnotherapist, who specializes in embodiment practices, expressive arts therapy, integration coaching, healing dance, reiki energy work, as well as self esteem and body image/food relationship coaching. She uses a wholistic mind, body, and spirit approach to healing. You can meet her at http://www.marisaskolky.com. 

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