Big Bend NP, Spring 2021


Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas borders the "big bend" of the Rio Grande, which is the border between the US and Mexico. Big Bend is famous for its natural resources and spectacular geology. The park's varied array of habitats support more species of birds, bats, butterflies, ants, scorpions, and cacti than any other national park in the United States.

Big Bend National Park is often referred to as "three parks in one", due to the multiple ecosystems found within its boundaries. It is a diverse natural area of river, desert, and mountains, and a land of extremes—hot and cold, wet and dry, high and low. To wander the shimmering desert flats, to ascend the rimrocks of the desert mountains, to float the canyons of the Rio Grande—to be “on the border"— is to experience sights and sounds and solitude unmatched elsewhere.

For more information on this park, please visit Big Bend National Park Official Website.


While the isolation of Big Bend National Park is a draw for many visitors, it also means this trip must be well prepared and carefully planned. Big Bend National Park is located in Southwest Texas, a considerable distance from cities and transportation hubs. There is no public transportation to, or within Big Bend National Park.

Our meeting point will be Midland/Odessa airport, and the trip will include a rental car and fuel to get to and around this remote and sprawling park.

Costs & Booking

Cost is sliding scale $590-$1190 based primarily on experience level, financial ability, and number of attendees. For a list of what is included in this, as well as a breakdown of the pricing structure, please visit the Nature Immersion homepage.

To book, please contact me at for instructions on sending in your deposit.