Wilderness Immersion


Spending extended time in the wilderness is deeply healing, and learning the skills needed to do so is extremely empowering.

The Wilderness Immersion experience consists of 2-6 nights in the wilderness with 1-3 guests. Those of all experience levels will learn tips & tricks for being more comfortable in the wilderness, so that you can better enjoy the relaxation, invigoration, and restoration it brings. We'll carry packs with everything we need and sleep in the woods away from civilization, and you'll learn all about lightweight backpacking. These hikes take place in Georgia as well as the rest of the US.


Moshe Jacobson began backpacking in 2009 and became certified as Wilderness First Responder, NOLS Outdoor Educator, and Leave No Trace Master Educator. Since then, he has spent hundreds of nights backpacking in the wilderness and has planned and led countless outings all over the US and even abroad.

What To Expect

  • Trip Length: 2-6 nights

  • Participants: 1-3

  • Difficulty: Customized to participants

  • Experience Required: None

  • Destinations: see Upcoming Trips below.

  • Trip Leader: Moshe

  • Base Cost: $700-1500 + gear (see below for details)

  • Trip Planning: Detailed planning of transportation, logistics, route, accommodations, reservations, and more.

  • Preparation: One or more meetings as necessary to ensure your safety and ask any questions.

  • Gear Consult: I'll help you make sure you have all the necessary gear, and the most appropriate gear for you based on your budget & desired comfort level.

  • Instruction: Personalized 1-on-1 instruction is provided throughout the experience (see below).

  • Moral Support: Backpacking is no joke. Nature doesn't care about your well-being. Hiking can push your physical limits. The trials of the experience can bring up all sorts of emotions, and I'm here to help you through all of it.


Our destinations are chosen based on the first person to book. Then, the outing is advertised, and up to two more people can join. Speak to us to find out what exciting destinations are available!

What You'll Learn

  • Comfortable Living - select a campsite; set up shelter; organize, pack, and maintain gear; cook; manage nutrition; and use clothing as protection from the elements.

  • Personal Safety - How to say safe, manage risk, and not get hurt.

  • Gear Use & Care - How to get the most function & longevity out of your (often expensive) gear & clothing.

  • Connecting with Nature - Observing and understanding nature's processes, cycles, flora & fauna species & more.

  • Caring for Your Body - What to do when your body needs attention.

  • Efficiency and Comfort - Tips & tricks to make your experience more pleasant.

  • Map Reading & Navigation - Using your phone!

  • Leave No Trace - Techniques for ensuring that we leave our protected places nicer than we found them.

  • Nature Photography - How to create eye-popping photos using your phone, to share with your friends & family.

  • Mindfulness Practice - Using nature and specific prompts to help you connect more deeply to yourself and the environment.

  • Food Planning - How to pack lightweight food for longer trips.

  • Skills for handling Adversity and Uncertainty - Things don't always go the way you want!

  • Leadership - Collaboration, inclusivity, effective communication, and decision making skills.

  • About yourself - A greater awareness of your strengths, habits and areas for growth.

Costs & Booking

Base Costs

The cost for most trips is as follows:

  • Base cost $150 - includes and unlimited consults to ensure your preparedness.

  • Cost per night: $200 - Includes daily assistance and instruction during the trip (see "What You'll Learn", above).

  • Pass-thru costs - Participants split the actual costs of the trip including reservations, transportation costs, and entry fees.

There is a $300 nonrefundable deposit for all trips, which is deducted from total balance. Please see cancellation policy.


Food Package:

  • Lightweight vegetarian food ready-packaged for you.

  • Vegan and Gluten Free options available.

  • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks for each day.

  • See Backpacking Menu for food options.

  • Cost is $50 * number of nights.

Gear Rental

Fees are per night. If an item you need is not listed, just ask!

  • Backpacking Tent or Tarp - $25

  • Sleeping Pad - $5

  • Cookware - $25

  • Bear Canister - $10

Further Questions

Please feel free to email moshe@entheo.coach with any questions.