En + theo = the Divine within;
Coach = a guide to help you find it.

I'm Moshe Jacobson, Wellness Coach, founder of PsyAtlanta, founding member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners, and founder of EntheoCoach, whose mission it is to create safe and effective guided healing experiences for those committed to improving their lives. I'm glad you're here. If you'd like to connect, please see the instructions below.

The EntheoCoach experience draws upon the therapeutic benefits of one or more healing modalities primarily including talk coaching, wilderness immersion, medicine journey, and dance, for personal growth and self exploration, as well as healing of illnesses such as depression, addiction, anxiety (including end-of-life), emotional instability, relationship issues, existential doubt & fear, and even inflammation in the body. All of these illnesses are caused by trauma (big & small, both acute & ongoing), which have caused you to disconnect from parts of yourself that are too painful or uncomfortable to experience โ€” parts of you that have been rejected, repressed, and ignored. All illness comes from this trauma or disconnection, which can also be called fear, separation, or resistance. The EntheoCoach experience will help you to love, reconnect with, and reintegrate those parts of yourself, which will shift you back toward wholeness and vitality.

If you have questions please

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